SlJ-Shaped Poem(Kick Start)

Hi and hello there.For todays task I was doing was a Shaped poem, I decided to do a Diamond Shaped Poem since this poem was about growing old and when you grow older, you soon start to realise that your childhood was where all your good moments or memory were and you don’t realise that until your like in your late 30’s.

So yeah, also to anyone question “what is this SLJ ?” Well here and let me explain, the SLJ is the summer learning journey and its where schools in NZ do Holiday learning over the holidays to improve their skills in school (especially reading) and this time the SLJ has made an agreement and that to anyone that particpate can win amazing prizes and a little sneak peak,theirs headphones and drones😉.

4 thoughts on “SlJ-Shaped Poem(Kick Start)

  1. Another great effort Cing! I love your diamond shaped poem. You have taken time to think deeply about time and how we all age. I too wish – time wouldn’t fly by!
    Looking forward to more creativity from you over the SLJ. More points on the board for you.

    Good on you for explaining what the SLJ is. A big help to your readers!

  2. Kia ora Cing Cing,

    You’ve done a fantastic job with your poem and presenting it. Ka pai! 👏 I like your reasoning for shaping your poem like a diamond. It makes sense.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts over summer! 🙂

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

  3. Kia ora Cing Cing. Ka pai and thank you so much for being brave and reading us your poem. It was great to hear how you performed your ideas and this will be a great example for others to follow. I can relate to the driving miles part as I spent the last few days travelling from Rotorua to Paraparaumu which was a long way! Next time you share an image of your poem maybe you could make it a little big bigger so it’s easy for your readers to see. Keep up the awesome mahi!

  4. Kia Ora Cing cing, I really like your poem. Tell me how you got this idea of Old And Bored. Also, you were very brave to read out your poem to us.

    -Leata RM8

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