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BMF 4 fractions

Hello and welcome back queen’s and kings. For todays maths is just building up my fractions and for me,this is just recap for me because the task was super quick to do but of course some people may not know yet so let me explain some questions.

What does a multiple?: It’s a answer in the times table                              Example: Multiple of 3 is 9.

Easy right?

Now for the side questions: You simply just have to divide it. 4 divided by 16 is 4 so 1/4 of 16 is 4!

It’s so easy, you just have to practice your times table and you are ready for new steps In life.

What you may not like is when they say 1/3 of 60 but to get the answer, you have to do what plus what plus what might equal this!

Example: 1/3 of 60 is 20 since 20 + 20 +20 = 60.

I really hope this helped with maths fraction since sometimes it is hard to explain but I am helper right here free for any questions. Just have a good time and good day and lets hope we don’ t have to worry about maths in the future!Goodbye!!


Hi there people, for todays quick and easy fractions is just adding and subtracting for the most. It was a very nice task to do since for me it’s just a quick recap from what I have learn’t from the past but maybe for others this might help you. What I may have disliked about this is I may have took to long for this even though it’s only 4 pages long. I hope you guys are having a good time but otherwise gave a great day!

Fractions reducing

Hello people, I hope you guys had a good day but Its just a quick poster about fractions. Now what I like about this is making the fraction square. It was just nice to colour in but anyways please have a good day since there is not much to say but otherwise GOODBYE!!