Summary of Land Wars

Land War’s in NZ: Most of these Wars happened 1840-1880 which was also called the musket wars. These war’s mostly happened because of Maori land. The Government and the European did an agreement to sell maori land but most maori didn’t fight but rather just accepted it because if they did. Men would be taken to Jail and the women couldn’t defend themselves but this still could be called a land war but however.Even if they left, European made a settlement to kill the Maori as well.

(from what i remembered)

Letter for the land lady: Pretending to be (Robert)

Hi people, today for my task that is not maths is a pretend letter acting like I am in the story “The land lady” By Roald Dahl  and this was a fun writing task, I really hope you can get some inspiration since we also did have to learn about suspense and tension and some foreshadowing, If you want to find out what I’m talking about. Search it up. But otherwise have a good day!!


Dear Emaria


I am definitely not safe where I’m at right now.


I just arrived from the bath and now I am at this place since it was on my recommendation list right? It’s called the bed in breakfast and as soon as I saw it, It was all nice and vintage but it looked a little abandoned but that didn’t bother me.  I pressed that doorbell. An old lady was already standing in front of me like what ?3 inches away from my face but that doesn’t matter. 

What I’m not liking is that she keeps offering me tea when I don’t even drink tea but however , I will be honest. That tea was not for me. It taste like pills and Medicine so now I feel crazy dizzy and I feel like I’m gonna faint. I still have to act like I am okay since I don’t wanna hurt this old lady’s feelings but she’s hurting my head so I don’t know? No but keep hearing me out, she started talking and that breath stank like Mr. Menwise’s breath but what she started talking about is about making the tea she gave me taste sound better than what I’m about to say. She said that the stuffed animals she had were real once back then and she said the last 2 other guests were still on the 3rd floor even though they came 2 years ago. That’s mental but I can hear her coming up right now or am I just hearing things again. What if I’m not real? What’s happening!?!


Sincerely Robert 

BMF 4 fractions

Hello and welcome back queen’s and kings. For todays maths is just building up my fractions and for me,this is just recap for me because the task was super quick to do but of course some people may not know yet so let me explain some questions.

What does a multiple?: It’s a answer in the times table                              Example: Multiple of 3 is 9.

Easy right?

Now for the side questions: You simply just have to divide it. 4 divided by 16 is 4 so 1/4 of 16 is 4!

It’s so easy, you just have to practice your times table and you are ready for new steps In life.

What you may not like is when they say 1/3 of 60 but to get the answer, you have to do what plus what plus what might equal this!

Example: 1/3 of 60 is 20 since 20 + 20 +20 = 60.

I really hope this helped with maths fraction since sometimes it is hard to explain but I am helper right here free for any questions. Just have a good time and good day and lets hope we don’ t have to worry about maths in the future!Goodbye!!


Hi there people, for todays quick and easy fractions is just adding and subtracting for the most. It was a very nice task to do since for me it’s just a quick recap from what I have learn’t from the past but maybe for others this might help you. What I may have disliked about this is I may have took to long for this even though it’s only 4 pages long. I hope you guys are having a good time but otherwise gave a great day!