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Writing opinion Should Gaming be learn’t in school?

I agree that teaching gaming is a good thing because yes there is a lot of stuff  in gaming that’s bad like violence ,bad language,cyber-bullying and rage and all of these can create high blood pressure, anger issues and also this could create bad communication and less likes but teachers could teach us not to do all of those.


However teachers would teach us the good things and how to do it like they could teach us to earn us to become successful and to improve from it and these include focus,communication and team work and this would all be so fun to do either also the teacher would have fun teaching too.


In free time of course it’s not all about gaming so of course we could still learn about other stuff like science,maths,history and reading and that we could still have our knowledge in other ways and not just inside gaming and you could still learn new stuff.


Hello there. For todays writing is a would you rather and it was          Should gaming be learn’t in school?                                                                  My writing and more is up there so please check it out and i will see you soon,goodbye!


31th March 2022


Would you rather

Fly or be invisible

I would rather be invisible and why is that?Well,lets just say a person is about to do something bad like robbing a bank.I could just tricked them by throwing a banana spill at them and then return that money they stole and it would be the funniest thing i would ever seen. While that i think it would be cool seeing me float objects and act like im a ghost.Lets say i picked flying. I would yet tho do have fun but the thing is i could get bored of by just flying and i can’t do much of flying expect that i look like a superhero and just fly to different places.