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Letter for the land lady: Pretending to be (Robert)

Hi people, today for my task that is not maths is a pretend letter acting like I am in the story “The land lady” By Roald Dahl  and this was a fun writing task, I really hope you can get some inspiration since we also did have to learn about suspense and tension and some foreshadowing, If you want to find out what I’m talking about. Search it up. But otherwise have a good day!!


Dear Emaria


I am definitely not safe where I’m at right now.


I just arrived from the bath and now I am at this place since it was on my recommendation list right? It’s called the bed in breakfast and as soon as I saw it, It was all nice and vintage but it looked a little abandoned but that didn’t bother me.  I pressed that doorbell. An old lady was already standing in front of me like what ?3 inches away from my face but that doesn’t matter. 

What I’m not liking is that she keeps offering me tea when I don’t even drink tea but however , I will be honest. That tea was not for me. It taste like pills and Medicine so now I feel crazy dizzy and I feel like I’m gonna faint. I still have to act like I am okay since I don’t wanna hurt this old lady’s feelings but she’s hurting my head so I don’t know? No but keep hearing me out, she started talking and that breath stank like Mr. Menwise’s breath but what she started talking about is about making the tea she gave me taste sound better than what I’m about to say. She said that the stuffed animals she had were real once back then and she said the last 2 other guests were still on the 3rd floor even though they came 2 years ago. That’s mental but I can hear her coming up right now or am I just hearing things again. What if I’m not real? What’s happening!?!


Sincerely Robert 

The Best Holiday…Ever (Key Language Task) (L3)

hi there,this is my key task. Now for this task i had to find key words that match the colour,
now if you don’t know what i mean they you may check the task and you might see what i mean.While
that i think this is my only favourite writing/reading task because it made me realised i found more keys to things then i thought, but thats just it. I hope you have a good day and GOODBYE!!!

I can’t imagine my life without…

I can’t imagine my life without….

Task: Pick 3 things out of that paper you can’t imagine your life without




Explain here why you picked these 3 things and make sure it’s at least 3 sentences:

  1. Well since i am Catholic Christian I think it’s quite obvious why but the reason why I picked god first is because God created the earth(for me) and he is the one who was there by my side and he was the first person to help me with everything right after Jesus and my family so that is why god was first.

  1. Jesus. Well According to the bible he was the son of god which means he is my lord and saviour because the bible has always talked good things about Jesus like how he healed people and how he fed people and even more but it’s to long to list so I can’t list it all but I hope that gives a lot why I picked Jesus second.

3.Love. Well without love you and I wouldn’t love the things that we need like money because you would need love to love money and be happy or family,family is very important because they are ones who take care of you or us so that is why I picked love third.


Hello there. This is just my task for my English task so please check it out.Now what I liked about it is that it expresses me a lot and that you can learn more about me.What I didn’t like about this is that is quite a long task but I think thats it.Most of all I think this task was amazing so that is it so now GOODBYE AND HAVE AMAZING DAY!!!

MOTAT Recount writing

Recount Writing about our Motat Trip

On a very exciting Monday morning Students from room 7 and room 8 from Pt England school were gonna go to a museum on the west side of Auckland so we could learn more also known as MOTAT. After not too long it was time for the bus, we walked to the bus with so much laughter and lots of talks because it was time.

After quite a long ride to our trip we were here at our destination and we all got out and started to get all happy again. 

First we got into our room and talked with notices and got to know our guides from KPMG and it did take quite long but it was still okay.

After a while room 7 did the robot coding and it might sound boring but it was way more than that, even though the coding took forever it was so fun because the code had lots of steps but at least we could battle people with their robots and see who the winner was. 

At number 6 first there was a hamster wheel that you could go in and you would have to spin on it,second of all there was a crafting room where you can make stuff and then put it on a shelf to show people you creative art and mind and last but not least was the bridge.There would be blocks and you put it on top of this shelf underneath and then you could take it out and walk on the blocks.

There was another fun ride also known as the Tram or Train. We all took pictures and video’s with fun talks but there was a little not good plot,the doors randomly opened and it was near Ms.Langitupu and another classmate from room 7 also known as Manaia but thankfully they were both safe and the diver remembered.

At around 12:30  we went to the whisper talk and there would be 2 stands very separated and you would whisper so the other person hears you. 

Inside the Telephone room was quite cool because we could see how people used to talk and you could actually talk to people.   

Now the main purpose of all of this was to learn about technology,transportation and Old Gadgets from the old times with happy smiles and to also get to know something new and experience fun games.   

Out of all of this, my favourite was number 6 because it just had so much game and you would work hard at the same time and the arts and crafts was so amazing, a lot of people had so much creativity and it was really beautiful. 


Writing opinion Should Gaming be learn’t in school?

I agree that teaching gaming is a good thing because yes there is a lot of stuff  in gaming that’s bad like violence ,bad language,cyber-bullying and rage and all of these can create high blood pressure, anger issues and also this could create bad communication and less likes but teachers could teach us not to do all of those.


However teachers would teach us the good things and how to do it like they could teach us to earn us to become successful and to improve from it and these include focus,communication and team work and this would all be so fun to do either also the teacher would have fun teaching too.


In free time of course it’s not all about gaming so of course we could still learn about other stuff like science,maths,history and reading and that we could still have our knowledge in other ways and not just inside gaming and you could still learn new stuff.


Hello there. For todays writing is a would you rather and it was          Should gaming be learn’t in school?                                                                  My writing and more is up there so please check it out and i will see you soon,goodbye!

Writing Would your rather

A: Talk to animals. B: Control the weather

I picked A.Well you know how we don’t understand animal and their life.Well first of all animals all around the world sometime suffer sadly but since i know how to talk to animals i would know what to do and call for help.And i would also be good friends with animals and teach them about  human life and i would maybe learn about an animals life.If i picked B it maybe will be fun but then i would just forget about it like maybe after 2 weeks. So that is why I picked A.


31th March 2022


Would you rather

Fly or be invisible

I would rather be invisible and why is that?Well,lets just say a person is about to do something bad like robbing a bank.I could just tricked them by throwing a banana spill at them and then return that money they stole and it would be the funniest thing i would ever seen. While that i think it would be cool seeing me float objects and act like im a ghost.Lets say i picked flying. I would yet tho do have fun but the thing is i could get bored of by just flying and i can’t do much of flying expect that i look like a superhero and just fly to different places.

Writing would you rather

Would you rather


Go to the past 100 years

Go to the future 100 years


(writing task) 

My answer:


I would rather pick the past,why?Well you know how bad things happened in the past.What would a 100 years back in the past with all those mistakes fixed.In the past i would try get people to know the future and to let them know what not to do like countries fighting because war could start.With that we could have a happy life by treating people correctly because they are human too.If i went in the future i would be clueless and probably be questioned if i even know stuff. I would also not know how things work like i wouldn’t know the new technology is done