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Timeline of NZ Protest

Hello there pretty queens and kings. For 2023’s  1st work post.We have many protest that has happened all in NZ. They all go from the most oldest protest all the way to the most recent protest and yes this is just a starter work to get me started on my steps so don’t expect to much other my task descriptions please.

Now what I like about this work is that many people did research on each single one so everyone you see.One person did research on that and I just love that work. Now what I did dislike from this is that at first it was all scrambled up so we had to drag is correct orders which did hurt my finger a lot but it was worth it. There’s nothing else from what I wanna say other then just check it out and maybe learn something new. Goodbye now Queens and King and make sure to be treated like a prince & princess!!

Anzac Day 4 facts

Hello there. For todays 4 facts we have Anzac day. Now if you don’t know what ANZAC day is then you came to the right place.

Anzac day was when Germany want to have war and it included NZ and Staya(Australia) and they were volunteered to fight in the war and Staya and NZ worked together to make peace and fight in the war.

Well now you know that the other facts are they for you and know i will kindly leave. Goodbye