Summer poster-SLJ Kick start


Hello and welcome back to the Queens blog. Now I know I haven’t been posting or been interactive with the SLJ so I decided. Why not try get my motivation back from making a poster?So well while that, this was such a fun activity too do and I think you guys should try it out making posters.Well anyways, GOODBYE RATS!!

3 thoughts on “Summer poster-SLJ Kick start

  1. Hi Cing Cing,

    It’s Emma here from the Summer Learning Journey.

    This looks like such a fun and creative task. These surfers look like they are having the best time, all the different colours make your poster feel very summery. I love all the little details you have added, starfish are one of my favourite sea creatures.

    When I go to the beach I love to go searching for them in rock pools. Did you know the largest starfish ever found was over 100 cm long!

    Whats your favourite sea creature?

    Thanks for sharing your summer poster Cing Cing.

    Emma – SLJ

  2. Kia Ora Cing CIng,its me Jaxson.I love your poster and how you use different types of colors and images,especially the images at the top(The images around the word)(Summer Time)

    What gave you the inspiration to make the surfers?



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