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Hello there and welcome back to my blog, today as you see I was doing the one line artwork. Why may u ask? Well its actually the holidays so that means the SUMMER LEARNING JOURNEY IS BACK. So now I’m doing holiday work,but anyways back to the main topic for the paper artwork, I wanted to give it a emerald colour with some Blue and little bit of purple to give it a nice ocean emerald colour since I thought it was gonna make me a little calmer just so I can have peace, you know? However for the digital work, WOAH. It was the most ragging thing but most funnest I ever done for a google draw drawing and yes I know some stuff are missing but come on, It was hard doing a one line drawing on a chrome-book.

Anyways thats it for me and you today so see ya later. Goodbye and Amen,


3 thoughts on “One line Artworks-SLJ

  1. Malo Cing Cing! What a great effort with you one line artwork. I agree with you that it can be hard to complete such an artwork, well done for finishing it off properly.
    Great colours to represent peace and calmness! Have you tried any other one line artworks since this task? Looking forward to seeing lots from you over the Summer Learning Journey. Keep going!

  2. Kia ora Cing Cing,

    Simon here from the Summer Learning Journey team.

    This is a great one-line drawing and I really like how you have added to it too. You’ve done a fantastic job, especially sharing two different versions of your one-line drawing! Ka pai! 👏

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

  3. Hey Cing Cing !

    You have been amazing this year, and seeing you blogging during the Holidays is wild! The one-line drawing you draw is great, and even how you combine mixed colours for the one you want.
    Keep it up!


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