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I can’t imagine my life without…

I can’t imagine my life without….

Task: Pick 3 things out of that paper you can’t imagine your life without




Explain here why you picked these 3 things and make sure it’s at least 3 sentences:

  1. Well since i am Catholic Christian I think it’s quite obvious why but the reason why I picked god first is because God created the earth(for me) and he is the one who was there by my side and he was the first person to help me with everything right after Jesus and my family so that is why god was first.

  1. Jesus. Well According to the bible he was the son of god which means he is my lord and saviour because the bible has always talked good things about Jesus like how he healed people and how he fed people and even more but it’s to long to list so I can’t list it all but I hope that gives a lot why I picked Jesus second.

3.Love. Well without love you and I wouldn’t love the things that we need like money because you would need love to love money and be happy or family,family is very important because they are ones who take care of you or us so that is why I picked love third.


Hello there. This is just my task for my English task so please check it out.Now what I liked about it is that it expresses me a lot and that you can learn more about me.What I didn’t like about this is that is quite a long task but I think thats it.Most of all I think this task was amazing so that is it so now GOODBYE AND HAVE AMAZING DAY!!!