Month: June 2022

MOTAT Recount writing

Recount Writing about our Motat Trip

On a very exciting Monday morning Students from room 7 and room 8 from Pt England school were gonna go to a museum on the west side of Auckland so we could learn more also known as MOTAT. After not too long it was time for the bus, we walked to the bus with so much laughter and lots of talks because it was time.

After quite a long ride to our trip we were here at our destination and we all got out and started to get all happy again. 

First we got into our room and talked with notices and got to know our guides from KPMG and it did take quite long but it was still okay.

After a while room 7 did the robot coding and it might sound boring but it was way more than that, even though the coding took forever it was so fun because the code had lots of steps but at least we could battle people with their robots and see who the winner was. 

At number 6 first there was a hamster wheel that you could go in and you would have to spin on it,second of all there was a crafting room where you can make stuff and then put it on a shelf to show people you creative art and mind and last but not least was the bridge.There would be blocks and you put it on top of this shelf underneath and then you could take it out and walk on the blocks.

There was another fun ride also known as the Tram or Train. We all took pictures and video’s with fun talks but there was a little not good plot,the doors randomly opened and it was near Ms.Langitupu and another classmate from room 7 also known as Manaia but thankfully they were both safe and the diver remembered.

At around 12:30  we went to the whisper talk and there would be 2 stands very separated and you would whisper so the other person hears you. 

Inside the Telephone room was quite cool because we could see how people used to talk and you could actually talk to people.   

Now the main purpose of all of this was to learn about technology,transportation and Old Gadgets from the old times with happy smiles and to also get to know something new and experience fun games.   

Out of all of this, my favourite was number 6 because it just had so much game and you would work hard at the same time and the arts and crafts was so amazing, a lot of people had so much creativity and it was really beautiful. 


Response to text : Not so normal

Hello there. For today this is my response to text and this was an amazing book. What i liked about my response to text was how the story was interesting and it wasn’t like a boring “Happy ever after,the end” but it was more scary and interesting. What i also learned was some amazing words that i learn’t more about and i think this is one of my favourite response to text . Well i hope you have a good day so goodbye.


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Alternate Endings

 It was another Harry,well now there were 2 Harry’s. “What-I don’t understand,i’m right here but i’m right there i “ stutter’s Harry while in shock. “What are you doing here?’’ said the other harry. “Well i had to drink this potion to get safe but i see you,well myself’’. ‘


’Well you may be in the right place but just at the wrong person”. Harry sits down and tries to solve this out of his mind. ‘


’Don’t worry, I know I look very much like you but that’s not the case,I can help you find your friends but promise me you won’t tell a single soul about me’’. 


Harry does want to find his friends but he doesn’t know if he should  trust him, “Philosopher’s Stone tho,you could be the one that’s trying to steal it” said harry. 


“Me?No way,the stone is in a special box to keep hidden because some sort of Student is trying to do something mysterious so they had to keep it hidden from everyone’’.


“Wait but what about everything else, and-” stutters Harry while so confused.


“Look all of this can be explained later but we have to help your friends”


“I uh” without hesitation the other harry pulls him and goes to this place.

‘’Now be quiet while i give you a potion enough to save everyone to help” 


Harry gets a little frightened and just sits down while the time clicks.

After a while the other Harry was done with all that potion.


Before Harry could say and thing the other Harry vanishes




Harry is so confused but goes back to the room he was in by drink the slimy potion and just in one drop he vanishes leaving everything as if nothing happened 


As soon as Harry arrives at where wants to go he can see that Ron and Hermione are sitting there so exhausted and tired.


“Guys i got a potion that will fix everything back to normal’’


Ron breathing heavily but calmly trying to talk he says ‘’really?We’re trusting you Harry and besides we still need that stone or whatever’’ .


‘’Ron is forgetting everything and he needs a rest so just leave him alone but yes we’re gonna trust you for now’’ says Hermione.


‘’On the count of 3, 1 , 2 ,3 “ says Harry while everyone drinks the potion.


As soon as the group arrives everything is normal


‘’Hi Harry’’ Says a student


‘’ wait what,but aren’t you mad at us’’


‘’For what?You have made us gain a lot of points and we are winning because of you and your friend group”


Ron,Harry and Hermione all look in confusion but they realised every stupid or bad thing they did was gone and vanished.

“Wait what’’ Hermione says


“Wait but what about the Philosopher’s stone?And all the other things”

They all look confused and they all take a moment to papare all of these


“Okay look,you guys are acting weird and besides Hagrot has that stone so you guys got nothing to worry about” 


They all i sighed

“This is all like a DREAM!!!



“Huh-What,i” Stutters Harry in shock

“Oh my gosh..Your awake” Says Ron


‘’Look, while your here let me explain everything”


“While we were doing the broom stick competition you suddenly fainted because of how tired you were and then you lived your whole life in your mind with all of these illusions in your head” said Ron 

“So my whole life was lie?”


“Well not your whole life but i’m pretty sure your ready to go back at Hogwarts but im gonna speak with the doctors’’

While Ron leaves in excitement Harry lays down all scared and so muddled.


He just reads his books to calm his mind down.

After a while Ron comes back and said” You can come back to Hogwarts!!!’’ 


“Really?Oh my,well let me just get ready then’’

“Okay then’’ says Ron


After a while Harry is all ready

“Okay im done’’


‘’Ok,ok! Now lets get in our ride”


They get in there ride back to Hogwarts and see that everyone screams in excitement to see Harry Potter back




After getting all his good memeromy 

It was all like a normal day with no drama and got good grades, Hermione gets all A’s with perfection, Ron is still quite weird but very kind, they all have happy life’s and FORGET the incident,

Group Response to text- U-turn

Hi there. This is my group work of  U-Turn. Now for this we all have roles and we read together and the roles are leader,Link maker,Questioner,Summariser and more. Now please i want you to check this out and if you wanna know a little more the post down below has more info but now i just wanna say goodbye!

U-Turn W5T2 Response to text

Hello there. For todays response to text we have u-turn. For this response to text it was really about how drama happened and its trying to take a U-Turn so everything will be okay. Now what i really liked about this response to text that it was quite funny in my head and it was really easy to do this. What i didn’t like was the story part because it was quite a weird story and hard to explain. But anyways thats it so now have a nice day goodbye!!