Month: May 2022

Trespass WK3 learning:Research task

Hello there. For todays reading task we have Trespass. This book was all about 2 boys riding their bikes until one of them they had a idea to go somewhere where they weren’t allowed. What i liked about this story is that they were showing braveness and what i didn’t like was how they didn’t really learn their lesson. Now my task is up there and please check it out but now i’m gonna head out so goodbye!

Writing opinion Should Gaming be learn’t in school?

I agree that teaching gaming is a good thing because yes there is a lot of stuff  in gaming that’s bad like violence ,bad language,cyber-bullying and rage and all of these can create high blood pressure, anger issues and also this could create bad communication and less likes but teachers could teach us not to do all of those.


However teachers would teach us the good things and how to do it like they could teach us to earn us to become successful and to improve from it and these include focus,communication and team work and this would all be so fun to do either also the teacher would have fun teaching too.


In free time of course it’s not all about gaming so of course we could still learn about other stuff like science,maths,history and reading and that we could still have our knowledge in other ways and not just inside gaming and you could still learn new stuff.


Hello there. For todays writing is a would you rather and it was          Should gaming be learn’t in school?                                                                  My writing and more is up there so please check it out and i will see you soon,goodbye!

MATHS x tables

Hello there. Today for my maths work is the basic x times tables. So please check it out. What i really liked about it was how it tested our knowledge but what i didn’t really like was how they’re was a lot of questions that took up a lot of time. However this was still fun to do but anyways please have a good day and goodbye.

Response to text;Video games

Video games

Reading work.

Hi there. Welcome to my blog. Today for my response to text we have video games as you see and for my response to text is where i read an article and then there is questions i have to answer and they are in the article. Now what was quite hard for me was the sentences but the best part was my explaining at the end. Now all good things have a end so i just wanna say goodbye now and please check out my response to text



Would you rather?

Would you rather?

No computer games or No computers.

Hi there. This is my would your rather writing. Now for this writing i really liked how this could actually change us because some people can stay on social media for quite long and if you didn’t know it is a really bad habit.This writing it had some quite tough stuff in it like how there was many examples in this writing however this was still still fun to do as writing task,



I would pick no computer games. Now look we all have lives and we have games there like hopscotch,uno,tag and many more,and its not a big deal that we don’t have online video games.However with no computers it would be hard to research stuff and many more like lets say I want to learn about space and my subject is Mars. It would be hard because the internet helps us with that mostly.